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my first hello.exe compiled with Borland's free C++ Builder 5,5

Posted by freakrush on May 3, 2008 at 9:14 AM
Oh this was an exciting experience ...
I followed this howto to get started with C++ programming.

Some things to remember are that it's the C++ Builder 5.5 that's the free one
and you shouldn't install (extract) it under C:\Program Files\Borland\...
but in a folder with no spaces, because after installing it, you have to make these .CFG and .BAT files where you refer to the places where the borland files are, and using spaces gives troubles there .

Now compiling a program looks easy ... just write your code in a .cpp file and then run cmd , navigate to the .cpp file's location and type "bcc32 filename.cpp" and [enter] to get your executable filename.exe (where filename is the name you gave to your .cpp file) and an OBJ and TDS file (I'm still about to find out what these are for)

Some other links:
xoxos' webpage about .sem programming for SynthEdit
a C++ language tutorial

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